Superlinks ad network review : Best Adsense alternative for CPM ads

Recently, I published an article about the best 5 Google adsense alternatives that are not exactly as good as Adsense but better than the thousands of low-quality advertising networks that take years to pay you. The list included many popular ad networks like and ePom and some new ad networks that are worth giving a try. I had put H12 Media ad network on the fourth position but it is doing quite better. Today itself I got my first payment from H12 media network. [Read more...]

Chess Free android game free download on Google play

Chess Free is a fantastic game for chess lovers. It is available for free to download on Google Play store.

The new game has 15 play levels which take you through Novice to Master level. While playing the game, I could not beat the computer in Master level but I won almost all matches in the novice level. the game has a smooth and clean interface that makes the game play more enjoyable.  [Read more...]

5 Best torrent clients for windows that are free and awesome

Torrents are a great way to share and download large files. We can download movies, videos, music, documents or any type of file. Even we can share our files with the world through torrents. Torrents work on a peer-to-peer sharing protocol that connects you to seeders all over the world and download and share files.

To download any torrent, you need a torrent client and the .torrent file which is a meta data file [Read more...]

Best 5 Google Adsense alternatives for blogs

best adsense alternativesGoogle Adsense is certainly the best paying and most reliable ad network today. Since its launch in 2003, Google Adsense has been getting better and better but the application approval process has become more strict. Every blogger wants to show adsense ads because it pays the best rates. But, Google adsense is a premium ad network and has lots of terms and conditions which your site should follow to get approved for Google adsense. [Read more...]